A reflective journal is a great place to write down some of your day’s biggest thoughts. Reflective journals are one of the most common therapeutic ways to reflect on your experiences, getting everything down on paper can give you a different perspective on life. Reflective journaling can be helpful with dealing with anxiety for this very reason. Getting your thoughts out of your head can allow you see things in a new light, relieving anxiety. This tool can be important to helping you improve your life, but with every tool, practice makes perfect!

What is Reflective Journaling?

A reflective journal is a place where you can express your daily thoughts in diary entries. It doesn’t always have to be positive, all it needs to be is honest. The more honest you are the easier it is to self reflect and learn from your experiences.

Reflective journaling allows you to identify and look back on important learning experiences that happen in your life. This can be anything from relationships to career to even personal life. Reflective journaling even allows you to have a better understanding of your thought process!

Source: Stefan Spassov

Why is Reflective Journaling Important?

Reflective journaling has been proven to allow people to be more serious-minded, reflective and deliberate in their everyday lives. This allows people to start taking control of their lives and prevents anxiety and other factors from taking over and ruling your life.

It has been established that writing can be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. Reflective Journals are known to provide a way to reflect and self understand, which can lead to a form of therapy. 

Reflective Journaling allows you to build open-mindedness, whole heartness and honesty with yourself which can allow anxiety to disappear. 

How to Reflect Efficiently

Before the Experience

Thinking about what might happen at an event is the first step to reflecting once the event is done. What might be a challenge at the event? What can past experiences teach you on how to be fully prepared for the event? Use previously reflected on experiences to do things that will help you prepare for the event.

During the Experience

Now is the time to take the preparation and put it into practice. Are the challenges what you expected? What challenges can you be prepared for the next time? What can you do to make the experience successful?

After the Experience

Get your thoughts from before and after the event down on paper. Try to do this as soon as you can after an event so you remember it but allow time for yourself to be emotionally distant so you can use reflective journaling to its full potential. What were your key takeaways that will help you to prepare and make the event a success the next time?

Where to Start

You can start reflective journaling by downloading Comh in the Apple App Store. Comh uses Reflective Journaling and Data. Control anxiety your way. Track exercise, sleep, locations and weather while you live your life. Get your thoughts and feelings down in words allowing you to see how thoughts appear over time.

How does Comh Help?

Anxiety can be caused by a single element of your lifestyle, Comh collects this data and offers suggestions and improvements in a private and secure way.

– Collects data about your life from Apple Health to offer suggestions and improvements

– Get your thoughts and feelings down on paper using CBT Journaling

-See your progress and suggestions over time