Technology has been given a bad wrap in causing the growth of anxiety in recent years. Even though technology can play a key role in reducing anxiety long term by simply sticking to a couple of key tasks.

The growth of social media has allowed everyone to be connected 24/7, increasing anxiety as use grows. This can be put down to the fear of missing out or FOMO due to being able to see what everyone is up to all the time. FOMO has been linked to intensive social media use because we have become more aware of what we are missing out on.

Social Media has also allowed for people with serious mental illness to find people with similar illnesses to seek advice and support. This in turn has helped decrease the stigma around mental health in the wider community, showing everyone that mental health issues are more widespread than previously thought.

Using Technology to Reduce Anxiety

  • Fitness and Activity Trackers
  • Logging
  • Reminders
Using Fitness and Activity Trackers to reduce anxiety

1. Using Fitness and Activity Trackers

Regular exercise is well established to help with helping a number of physical disorders and continually proven to help with mental health as well. With one study shows that people with anxiety tend to be more sedentary and do less intense forms of exercise.

Fitness trackers such as the Fitbit, have become increasingly popular in recent years with people obsessing over how many steps they take each day. This use of fitness trackers gets people up and about each day, improving fitness and reducing anxiety over time.

Keeping track of good and bad moments to reduce anxiety

2. Logging Good and Bad Moments

Everyone has a constant flow of thoughts going through their mind, this flow is normally on auto-pilot until something especially memorable happens. This can be where people realize they are anxious.

Many people feel like their anxiety comes out of the blue and struggle to identify specific trigger thoughts. Not paying attention your own thoughts can cause this overwhelming dread without knowing the reason.

When you feel like your anxiety comes out of the blue, it’s time to review what went on around the incident. Did you see something in particular? What was going on around on you? Write this down. After building a collection of these thoughts your own thought process becomes clearer.

While this might feel like a chore at the beginning, Comh can help make it easier by giving you reminders to jot down your thoughts.

Using Phone Reminders to reduce anxiety

3. Reminders

Doing the little things in life, while annoying, can help us to feel normal and more like everyone else. The healthy little habits such as eating lunch, to texting your friend on their birthday can be hard to do while anxious.

Setting yourself reminders on your phone before hand can give you the peace of mind that you won’t forget about important things that are happening in your and your friends life.

Technology has become more and more part of your lives with every passing year. This brings with it both good and bad. It depends on you to decide how you want to use it.