Building a routine is one way we can help ourselves deal with change. Having predictable moments in a day can help reduce stress levels allowing yourself be more free in the more unpredictable moments. Routine can be the anchor in our life.

Trying to remember what needs to be done in a day can be very stressful and allowing ourselves to fill up our brain with our todo list which can be very overwhelming.

When we have a routine, our daily tasks just slot into place and are done in a near automatic fashion. Routine takes the uncertainty and guesswork out of your day.

Important things to have in your routine

  • Sleep Routine
  • Exercise
  • Eating

Sleep Routine

Getting enough sleep is essential for helping maintain optimal health and well-being. Sleep is as vital as regular exercise and eating healthy for improving your health and preventing anxiety.

Researchers have found that sleep has links to several brain functions, such as concentration, productivity and cognition.

This improved brain function leads to having a better athletic performance. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is as important to athletes as eating enough calories and nutrients. Leading to more energy, better performance intensity and faster speed.


Exercise has been proven time and time again to boost your mood and reduce anxiety. While exercising might not be for everyone’s enjoyment, it’s important to include it into your routine. Exercise itself produces endorphins which improve the bodies ability to sleep, concnetrate and reduce stress.


Blocking some time out of your day for cooking, eating and cleaning up can help give some headspace to try to keep things as balanced as possible.

Eating regularly is important to keep your blood sugar at the correct level. Allowing your blood sugar to drop might make you feel tired, irritable and depressed.

If you don’t feel like having a big lunch or dinner, plan to have several smaller meals throughout the day.


Routine can be helpful when it comes to managing anxiety. Building habits is important to prevent the unpredictableness of life bring you down.