Teeth grinding, sweat pouring and that sinking feeling in your stomach, the dreaded symptoms of anxiety. It always seems to come just when you could do without it. Why can’t it just disappear?

Knowing when anxiety is going to affect you can be difficult, knowing how to reduce anxiety can be even harder! Luckily for you, we have created a list of ways to reduce anxiety. From in the moment quick fixes to more long term solutions that can help you take control of anxiety and get rid of it once and for all we have it all! Read on to find out 5 ways to relieve anxiety and bring more calm to your life!

5 ways to reduce anxiety

  1. Exercise

It may sound cliche, but getting exercise is the number one way to stop anxiety. Getting your blood pumping can lead to a long-lasting reduction in symptoms of anxiety with 1 hour of vigorous exercise reducing anxiety for some people for hours at a time! (Source)

Moving your body can decrease muscle tension which makes it easier to relax! The buildup of stress in your body can lead to health risks which can lead to more anxiety! (Source)

Getting into the habit of exercising can be hard and the easiest way to fight back is to try and find an exercise routine you enjoy doing so you are more likely to stick at it and if this exercise leads you to the great outdoors, even better! It’s been proven that exercise in forest areas can lead to a further decrease in anxiety! (Source)

Exercising can have all sorts of benefits to both your mental and physical health. Who knows, you might even get that summer body you’ve been looking for!

  1. Write it Down

One of your human instincts is to push away anxious thoughts and try to deny them – push them as far away as possible and try to think of something else. This only buries the anxiety down deep rather than let it rise to the surface and be dealt with.

Luckily, research has shown that these thoughts can be dealt with by writing down your thoughts so they leave your brain! This can be especially good when you are dealing with thoughts or concerns that might be overreactions to the situation. (Source)

Try to keep to a routine Journaling each day will allow you to feel happier and less stressed. Who would have thought some words on a page can help stop anxiety?!

Journaling not only helps your anxiety, it can also be a benefit to your brainpower too! It’s been proven that Journaling can help improve cognitive functioning, allowing you to process thoughts and feelings quicker and easier! (Source)

  1. Meditation

You don’t have to worry about those thoughts doing zoomies around your head anymore! Get them out on paper!

While meditation’s primary focus is not on reducing anxiety, instead focusing on being present right now, in the very moment, it is a very helpful side effect. Meditation relieves anxiety by removing the need to focus on either the future or the past, just the here and the now, quieting an overactive brain.

Meditation breeds a culture of acceptance in your mind allowing you to accept things for the way they are rather than always trying to change them. Allowing meditation to work requires time and patience, with daily check ins. While a lot of work meditation can be a magic elixir to anxiety.

Remember that meditation is a skill, and just like all skills it takes practice to develop the skill into something useful. This may be annoying but the more time you put into practising the higher the reward!

  1. Yoga

Time to stretch and release all that muscle tension! Yoga’s focus on stretching and breathing promotes loosening of muscles which can lead to your body feeling tense and uncomfortable and eventually your mind as well!

Breathing affects us in more ways than you think. When you are anxious we tend to take shallow, rapid breaths but if we slow and deepen our breathing we soothe our nervous system. Yoga can help breathe with awareness and use your breathing techniques in anxious situations.

Yoga trains us to accept discomfort is apart of life. You are going to get into some awkward, uncomfortable poses while doing yoga but you must get over the discomfort to reap the benefits. The same can be said about life, we must have the anxious moments to help build to the good times!

  1. Laugh

The final way to reduce anxiety is the easiest, a big old belly laugh! Time to pull out YouTube and find a funny video.

Laughter helps bring in oxygen-rich air into your body which can help your brain function faster relieving anxiety. This can be a great help, decreasing the stress hormone allowing your heart rate to return to normal and decrease blood pressure!

Laughter is also a natural painkiller by releasing endorphins into the brain bringing your mood up and your pain down!

As you can see there are many ways for you to reduce anxiety. As you can see anxiety can be reduced by increasing your overall wellbeing. The happier you are the less anxiety you will feel!

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